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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 25, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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six families will celebrate another christmas because of a man's choice to abc7 news is next.
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a very special holiday surprise for one bay area family this christmas. good evening and merry christmas to those of you celebrating. many people are able to spend the holiday with their loved ones and that is especially true for military families, but one soldier was able to make a dream come true. thomas roman is here with that story jie. while we celebrate at home men and women are scattered all over the world defending their country and some have made it home for the
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holidays. >> they are spart of a conspiracy. >> in the car are tonya and her husband emark. he is just -- she is just back from afghanistan and surprising her family. >> it was the first time we have seen them and i am so glad to have had the opportunity. >> over there was an army surgical hospital, and she was a surgical nurse who treated military and civilian patients. she is now home for good. >> there are a lot of new outlooks on life. >> the first stop is to surprise her family who doesn't know she is back. with the help of the restaurant staff and her dad, she showed up at a pre planned family lunch. >> oh my gosh. >> all but her father thought
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she was in afghanistan. >> we were waiting for the call. she walked in the front door. it was great. >> ton you -- tonya's mother shared some happy tears and she welcomed the surprise. while the family is celebrating their daughter's return, there are still thousands of troops celebrating the holidays far from home. in kabul, afghanistan, troops had a huge holiday feast served up by several cheerful santas. while many would love to be home with family, they are celebrating with some of the closest friends they will ever have. >> it is sad being away from my family, but it is nice being here with my brothers and sisters in the armed services. >> this holiday season there are an estimated 310,000 u.s. active duty troops deployed overseas. the u.s. has troops in 150 nations. that's 75% of all of the world's nations.
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>> thank you, thomas. president obama called 10 service members this weekend to wish them a merry christmas and thank them for their service. the white house released this photo of the president making the calls from hawaii. the calls are part of a holiday tradition in which the president calls two service members from each branch of the military. thousands of homeless and the needy enjoyed christmas meals across the bay area. 5,000 people enjoyed meals at glad memorial church in san francisco. the number includes those who took part in the annual christmas breakfast and the prime rib lunch. the restaurant donated 2,000 pounds of food to the effort. for those who couldn't make it out for a holiday dinner, the feast came to them. the volunteers put their own celebrations on hold to deliver meals to those home bound and without family. 5400 meals were delivered today. and in west oakland, 250 family celebrated a christmas they never thought possible. it was the third annual holiday festival sponsored by
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pennies for peace. it has had more than its share of violence. >> it is my passion. i love to help and i want to continue to do it. i am always looking and asking for help to continue this journey. >> after a meal of turkey, yams and dessert, we are off to see santa. >> at least six people will have the chance to celebrate with their friends and family because of another man's option to give. >> part of the christmas service was dedicated to charles butler, junior. >> he had just been awarded the merchant marine passport and was about to start his first assignment. this is video when he started
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a new program a few months ago. >> where do you see yourself in a few years? >> it was part of a tearful tribute at butler's church. he was killed before he could get his graduation certificate for the church-sponsored program. >> this outpouring ofy meteorologist -- of emotion is what he is receiving. last week butler was killed a few yards from his home. his family says he was shot to death while driving by people he never even met. but he is an organ donor and this christmas daniel murphy is a recipient of butler's liver. >> i am thankful for the family. >> butler's family is struggling with not having him around this christmas. but his gift of life is helping them through their
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loss. >> we know that him being a donor, a part of him is running around everywhere and i would very much like is the sick nets. >> charms butler's sisters tell me five more of his organs were matched to other recipients and all of the options were carried out on christmas. abc7 news. >> three people were rescued from a home after a three-alarm fire. it started just after 6:30 and two elderly women and one man had to be rescued by firefighters. they believed the fire was caused by a cigarette. a 22-month-old boy in san jose suffered only bumps and bruisesafter police say his mother tossed him out of a second story window. nathan alvarez cortez was crying as paramedics rushed him to the medical center after one would expect after a
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twenty-foot fall. he is in the hospital with broken bones in both feet. she also jumped out as soon as people saw it. >> heard some screaming and came out to take a look. there were about 12 or 13 cop cars out here, paramedics and fire trucks. there was a little baby that was crying and obviously in some pain. >> cortez was taking medication for depression. she was going back to the hospital this morning when she suddenly grabbed nathan and locked herself in the bathroom prompting the 9-1-1 call. nba basketball is back. a sellout crowd at oracle arena. john alston was there and says it was a big night for fans and arena employees. >> better late than never. they put on a show at oracle arena. it was a christmas present for chris and his son who had to
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do without pro basketball for two months because of the lockout. >> there was a time when we were starting to get a little negative on the league and on the players, but the game is back and we are happy to be here, so now it is all positive. >> it is all for given now? >> because of the labor trouble, they were slashed by 16 games. no one was happier than the employees who lost money while they fought over millions. >> well, i am making roughly $20 an hour, and so if i lost 30 or 40 hours, you can figure it out from that. >> anytime you are working or making money and doing the economy the way things are, it is good to be back. it puts some money with your pocket. >> there was a party atmosphere. four reindeer were brought in
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and fans could take their picture with santa claus. they were also lining up to spend their money. >> the anticipation and waiting for your team to play and it is not there. >> it is definitely exciting. >> they lost eight home games because of the shortened season. fans could make up with lost time with three more home games this week at oracle. monday, wednesday and on new year's eve. abc7 news. coming up, the robin hood style attack and they are trying to save money for the poor. and honoring those who have to work on christmas day. and celebrating christmas around the world. >> and i'm jeff martinez in for leigh with a check on our weather forecast. a few clouds out there and some haze. still a spare the air alert in affect through this evening. temperatures are cooler for your monday and tuesday.
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but we do have a chance for some scattered showers finally in the seven-day forecast. i will have all of that coming right up.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just 25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to s . a rescue ship has finally reached a russian fishing vessel stuck in the frigid waters of antarctica for several days. the ship was -- with 32 people on board hit underwater ice that tore a one-foot hole in its hull on december 16th. the crew have been pumping out frozen seawater to keep the ship afloat while awaiting rescue. the white house is condemning what they call a
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senseless terrorist attack in. igeria. at least 39 people have been killed and the majority of them on the steps of the catholic church after celebrating christmas mass. in one city, an officer was killed when gunmen opened fire after a bomb explode. members of the hacking group anonymous say they have stolen e-mails and credit card numbers at the think tank. anonymous members say they use it to steel a million dollars and use it to -- as donations. terry gets include is u.s. army, police departments, and things like apple and microsoft. it was able to get the credit details in part because they didn'ten crypt them. they provide political and economic to help clients reduce risk. they came to the rescue of a woman flying from san francisco to spain. the woman was hoping to take her dog with her to madrid.
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but they didn't realize he couldn't come along until they arrived in their connecting flight. that's when two workers stepped in and offered to take care of whopper until she came home. >> the the great thing is it is christmastime, and it was a time we were thinking -- she wants to go home and see her family. why wouldn't we want to help her? we helped her. >> the workers have been e-mailing pictures and up gates to whopper's owner every day. a sacramento-based web designer is trying to spread a little holiday cheer for those spending today at work and not with loved ones. he started a campaign called the cookie project. >> they are spreading holiday cheer this christmas day. >> locally we made about 600 or 700 cookies. we are giving them to the people who work there. >> warmed a bag of homemade cookies, john and an army of volunteers fanned out across sacramento visiting businesses
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open on this holiday. >> people who are working in nonessential services are still forced to work on christmas. >> think of the businesses open 365 days a year and chances are one is a starbucks. >> we are giving cookies to twhos have to work -- those who have to work on christmas. >> volunteers signed up to help those who have to work. coffee shops, fast-food restaurants. they also want to deliver a message to the restaurants jie. i think they are open to make an extra buck. >> i gash see you the people who made the decision that they were going to stay open on christmas are at home with their families on christmas. it is the poorer people that end up saying and working. i would like them to have a day off too. >> they rltz -- realize someplaces have to stay open, fire, police, hospitals. in the end it is about sharing the spirit of the holidays and
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remembering what is important. >> it is a great way to show our kids what christmas is about. give a little. instead of just being excited to get presents, go out and give jie. they are getting e-mails from people across the country who launched cookie projects of their own. 2k3w0* to cookie project .org. it is not quite up there with opening gifts and singing carols, but ordering chinese takeout is proving to be a big part of the christmas tradition by a lot of families. they find chinese food is the most popular takeout ordered on december 25th. there is an on-line delivery service. pizza is also popular. i think we all ate a little too much. we are having trouble. >> that's right. good day today. did you have a good christmas? >> i did. i know we had a lot of rain last year. >> we were talking about that. looking at the climate data, one inch of rain last christmas.
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here in the city we had half an inch last christmas. this year, no precipitation. in fact, this may go down as one of the third driest decembers on record. it looks that way to the end of the year. some areas may have a chance for precipitation. good christmas evening to you. yes, we had some haze out there. there is a spare the air day evening in affect if you will. looking at our temperatures out there, not too bad. temperatures will be cooling off like we had yesterday morning. not quite as cold though as we will see the temperatures cooling off in the 30s in most areas as we look at temperatures. there we go. how about 32 in fairfield and napa at 31. a light freeze tonight. not as dramatic as we had this morning with the mid20s in napa. redwood city, 36 degrees your current temperature. check out the absolutely gorgeous sunset, and you can
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see a gorgeous evening. we will see more of an onshore flow. i think by wednesday you may get a little wind to stir things up. by the i what, tomorrow is not a spare the air day. good news there. highs today, in the upper 50s to near 60 and 60 in half moon bay. patchy fog developing and not as cold. no freeze warnings are in you a -- are in affect and there will be an onshore breeze by tomorrow. and a chance for light precipitation by wednesday. in the meantime, monday and tuesday looking good. i am looking at this system in the pacific. so a slight chance for rain, mainly in the north bay. it will stay well to the north. that's where we are expecting it up into oregon and washington.
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by wednesday, tuesday night into wednesday you may see a few scattered showers so we will keep watching that for you. future cast looks like this. notice the precipitation moving in. it will fall uh uh-huh -- apart and stay to the north. upper 50s to right around a 60 degrees. campbell, san jose 59. you will see 56 in san mateo. and patchy fog developing as well. the marine layer is starting to moisten up somewhat. so light, patchy fog in some areas along the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s to the near 60 degrees in most areas. temperatures are not bad at all. again, nice monday, tuesday, slight chance for some precipitation. by wednesday, looking ahead to new year's eve. and it looks pretty good. >> dry weather, one of the
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driest times we have had. how about a win for the warriors? did they pull it out? >> the warrior wilz -- will not go unbeaten this season. coming up in sports, after months of waiting the nba season is underway. we will show you how they did against chris paul and company.
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the warriors had wanton of the last 11 against the clippers at oracle, but that was before they got chris paul. curry started even with a sore ankle. looked like his old self throwing down the rebound. the new coach mark jackson with the seal. and golden state lead by two at the break. the clippers begin to heat up in the third. the one hand jam and he scored a team high 22. the warriors lead it. the clippers though started to pull away. butler with the circus shot and the foul. l.a. up by 8. curry can't hit the three. the lead was down to just one. they made sure they got no closer. the clippers go on to win it
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105-86. paul finished with 20 points. and curry with the sore ankle was two of 12 with five turnovers. >> there was times we looked like we really understand what we are trying to accomplish and what we worked on. and then there are times looking at third and fourth quarter where we look like a lost basketball team. >> it doesn't get any easier for the warriors. tomorrow night they host derrick rose and the bulls. still to come, the packers try to nail down the number one seed with a win fwens the bears. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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besides the warriors clippers there were four other games scheduled for today. it was the lakers versus the bulls. with less than a minute to play and bryant puts l.a. on top by six. bryant scored 28 despite playing with a torn ligament in his right wrist. yes, he falls on the court and you can see him rubbing his arm later. chicago wouldn't go away.
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gasol and the bulls are within three. they cut it to one. and then off a kobe turnover. he had 22. the bulls lead by one. the last chance for the lakers and they go to kobe. a shot is blocked and chicago pulls out a thriller 88-87. the celtics without paul pierce took on the knicks. rondo picks up the slack. the knicks come back behind anthony. with time running out. new york lead by two. boston with the ball. and it is off the rim. and the knicks hang on to win it 106-104. the mavs look nothing like champs as they are smoked by miami .'s it turned out to be a mismatch. miami lead by as much as 35. now, lebron james with a touch
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pass to dwyane wade for two of his 26. six assists 10 rebounds and 37 points. 105-94 the final. the score does not indicate how lopsided this game was. dwight howard and the magic were in oklahoma city. howard got off to a good start off the feed. he throws it down, but howard was held to just 11 points and 15 rebounds. the former cal star ryan anderson got the start for the magic and played well. he lead the team with 25. durant with a game high 30 as the thunder rolled 97-89. now to pro football and the packers nailed down the top seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs by beating the bears. former cal star aaron rodgers had no trouble finding the end zone. he had no trouble launching this strike to nelson. the packers lead it 21-10. rogers threw for five touchdowns and going to james jones and he set a franchise record for most passing yards
11:32 pm
in a season as green bay wins it 35-21. look for rogers to be the nfl mvp. later in the show you will hear more often the warriors are the disappointing season opener. and that's your toyota sports report. >> rick, thank you so much. just ahead, christmas around the world. the unique celebrations at home and oversees. and the big plans for the day after christmas. the shopping and many happy returns.
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i'm ama dates. in the headlines, a man's death was not in vein. butler was shot to death last week, but his harvested organs have given six people another chance at life. he was shot driving by people he didn't know. a 22-month-old san jose boy is sore, but okay after police say his mother threw him out of a second story window. the mother who also jumped is recovering from broken bones in her feet. her family says she was being treated for depression. a petaluma mom got the best present ever. it was a surprise visit from her daughter serving in afghanistan. she came into town a few days ago, but didn't tell her mom until today. millions of people around the world unwrapped their presents, but a bunch of children in florida received a
11:36 pm
special delivery. now that, and a wrap of other christmas celebrations around the world. >> kids in one west palm beach neighborhood had a christmas to morning. >> merry christmas! santa and mrs. claus made a visit. a sea of kids lined up and everybody got something special thanks to an elementary school teacher who has been collected toys for several months. >> i thought it would be a good idea to give back to the community. here we are today, and it is wonderful. a great turnout. >> santa was busy all over. his annual trackers broke records this christmas. volunteers fielded over 100,000 calls from people anxious to find out when santa would drop by their house. >> i was not expecting nearly that many calls. i probably answered i would say 200 phone calls nonstop for the last two hours. >> it was a lot of fun to talk to kids all over the world. >> elsewhere, soldiers serving in america's longest war ate a
11:37 pm
special christmas lunch outside afghanistan. >> i want to send a greeting to my children and my mom who i miss very much. >> at the vatican, the pope gave the blessing over looking saint peter square. >> may the prince of peace remind to us the true happiness in lives. >> and over 100,000 pilgrims and tourists flocked to the birthplace of jesus in bethlehem. >> abc news. >> it was a busy day for firefighters who handed out toys to boys and girls. they met to pick up 10,000 toys collected during the annual toy drive. and then the officers and the firefighters made deliveries to the children across the city. this event in richmond is the realization of a college student's vision. the richmond native started christmas in richmond six years ago when she was a
11:38 pm
sophomore at howard university in washington, d.c. this year she and her family and friends provided meals, gifts and clothing to almost 700 people in their community. the 2011 holiday season will be remembered as the season of the lay away angel. it is a trend that started with one woman in michigan who paid off the lay away balances for three strangers at a k-mart store. since then anonymous donors have been pouring into stores like k-mart, wal-mart and toys r us asking to pay the remaining balances for customers who put gifts on lay away. >> oh my goodness. >> i was told an angel came to k k-mart and paid for my lay away. isn't that great? i got very, very emotional. >> it means a lot because i'm poor. that's why i do lay away. >> somebody did that at our very own hayward k-mart. the single largest donation was for more than $20,000 at a k-mart in baltimore, maryland.
11:39 pm
stores are expecting a record number of gift returns beginning tomorrow. if you plan to return an item you will need your receipt. with you will either get a credit or the lowest amount it is offered for, not necessarily what you paid for it. >> don't open the packages if you are not sure you want it. you can leave all of the tags on the item, but if you destroy the packaging or rip it apart, you will have a much more difficult time returning it. >> in the case of some electronics that have been taken out of the packaging, they can charge a repacking fee if they take the opened items back at all. >> we are just days away from the new year, and that means lots of laws to keep track ever. some of the biggest changes are coming up. and some changes coming to the bay area radio. that's when we return. >>- q. i and some areas will see a light freeze. 2340* where near as cold as it was this morning. beautiful out there this evening. some hayes in the sky there as
11:40 pm
you can see. coming up, a look at your monday forecast and a look toward new year's eve as well. [ female announcer ] what's so great cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just 25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just 25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. brand-new year, and with it a slew of new laws affecting everything from applying for a job to shopping at the drugstore. nannette miranda with the story. >> good news. for the two million californians out of work, employers can no longer consider your credit report when you apply for a job where
11:43 pm
money or finances are not involved. not so good news if you are a fan of shark fin soup. while your favorite chinese restaurant is allowed to finish out their current supply, california joins many west coast ports in banning the importation of the delicacy to stop the depletion of the shark population. >> they are throwing them back to drowned. that is barbaric. that just doesn't meet anybody's standards for appropriate treatment of an animal. >> the new laws affect children and young adults. the hpv vaccine will be available for kids as young as 12 years old. the state will allow them to get preventative treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. but the minors can't buy robitussin and other medicines that have dxm. too many are robo triping or getting high for under $10 a bottle. >> they are pre teens and
11:44 pm
teens and this is the number one call they get at the poison control center. and that's for the abuse. >> underaged drinking is at the core of adding booze to the list of items you can't buy through the self-checkout stand. those not old enough to drink typically scan it through and put alcohol in the bag. this melanoma survivor helped push through the nation's first tanning bed ban for anyone under 18 the after religiously using the machines a few times a week for years she developed cancer. >> i am hoping this helps prevent other people from having that diagnosis which can be a life and death situation. >> schools will have to start including gay history in the curriculum burkts three trying to gather signatures asking them to stop it, even after it goes into affect. nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> he is a bay area institution whose voice has been with us on star 101.3 for
11:45 pm
the past 22 years. as he prepares to make the jump to the new station and talks about his life on the air. >> 22 years at 1013 which was 101 and then was star 1013. and in between those, some other name for awhile. but it has been amazing because the amount of change in radio has been monstrous. what i do is pretty much the same thing. you go on the air, just what you are doing here. this hasn't changed. you go on and you entertain in whatever manner you do every day. that hasn't changed a lot. all of the technology scpts other things in radio changed dramatically. >> what time are you up in the morning? >> 3:44. >> so you hit snooze at 3:40. >> it is before 3:45 which is
11:46 pm
good, but it is at the last moment. it used to be 3:42 because i used to say i will never get up before 4 and now we start the show earlier and i am screwed jie. he said you never get used to those hours. >> never, never. no. in fact, i don't use the snooze alarm because i don't trust it. i know it will be over. when you hear -- there is a click before my alarm goes off and it goes click -- and i usually get it on the click. i'm there. >> what time do you go to bed? >> no you. -- now. i usually sleep through the show. >> let's talk to the -- about the move. >> the new 103.7. the transition song will be. ♪ i know there is more than ♪ lady daga ♪ come on and i will play your
11:47 pm
song ♪ ♪ my life ♪ would suck ♪ would you -- without you ♪ >> you play the 60s, 70s and 80s. when did that become old ies? >> 1980s was 25, 23 years ago? 22 years ago? it is unbelievable. >> "rock around the clock" is oldies. >> that's why we are not the oldies. we are the greatest of the 60s, 70s, 80s. oldies is do-op. >> you can watch it here on abc7. let's get it over to jeff martinez with a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> good evening to you. one last check on the forecast. i decided to show this again. a beautiful time lapse again.
11:48 pm
the sunset at 4:57. the sunrise at 7:23. isn't that gorgeous? a beautiful christmas day. hope you enjoyed it. temperatures in the mid50s after a cold start. many areas were in the 20s. napa had a low of 26. right now we are in the 30s. 5* light freeze is expected. not as cold as we had this morning. 40 40s as we head toward the coast. looks like a beautiful day and the high pressure ridge won't budge. that's why we are so dry. it will give us a slight chance of showers in the north bay as most of the precipitation will again ride around this persistent ridge. we'll look at your accu-weather forecast through this evening and tomorrow morning. a few clouds expected and some patchy fog. but watch this. by tuesday morning and into tuesday evening some showers moving to the north.
11:49 pm
lows will be in the 30s in most areas. not as cold as this morning with the 20s. and your highs tomorrow are like today. we are looking at highs in the mid50sin most areas, around 60. palo alto, san jose, 59. 5 knife in san francisco. and be -- we will see temperatures around 70 in salinas. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, again looking imbued the next couple days. a slight chance for showers on wednesday. and that's about it. on new year's eve, looking good. clear conditions out there. saturday into sunday next weekend, we are talking about new year's eve. >> thank you. maybe the warriors just needed to shake off the cob webs or something. at one time the clippers were the laugh laughing -- laughing stock. that's no longer the case. the nba opened it up with two games.
11:50 pm
the warrior hfs clippers gaiment -- the
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
all the warriors wanted for christmas was an opening night win against the clippers. but you don't always get what you want. despite a sore ankle golden state came out playing well. he looked like his old self throwing down the rebound. mark jackson has been stressing the defense. here is the steel and it is ellis with the lay up. the clippers began to heat up in the third. griffin with the one hand slam and he scored a team high 22.
11:53 pm
the warriors lead it 21 and a nice spin move for the hoop. the clippers started to pull away. butler with the surface shot here and the foul. l.a. up by 8. the rookie can't hit the three, and the lead was down to just one. paul made sure they got no closer. he hit three baskets down the stretch as the clippers 1 it 105-86. he made just two of the 12 shots and he had five turnovers. >> there are times we look like we really understand what we are trying to accomplish and what we worked on. and then there are times like in the third and fourth quarter where we look like a lost basketball team. >> the second half they ran up the lead. they got back and they couldn't make the shot. >> besides the warriors and
11:54 pm
clippers there were four other games scheduled. at the staples center it was the lakers versus the bulls. with less than a minute to play and bryant hits the fade away to put l.a. on top. scow be scored 28 despite a torn ligament on his wrist. he may have reinjured himself on that play. you can see him rubbing his arm. chicago wouldn't go away. a foul on gasol and the bulls were within three. they cut it to one and off a turnover and rose comes through in the clutch. he had 22 points. the bulls lead by one. the last chance for the lakers and they go to kobe, but the shot is blocked. chicago pulls off a thriller. >> our defense was our offense and it worked out for us. >> whether it was missed free throws or turnovers or unnecessary fouls or blown defensive assignments, we had all of that in a 50-second span.
11:55 pm
the bottom line is you are not going to win ball games. >> the celticswithout paul pierce took on the knicks. rondo tried to i can p up the slack. 31 points and 13 assists. the knicks were lead pie caramel low -- carmelo anthony. with time running out, new york lead by two. boston with the ball and one last chance to tire or go ahead. the jumper is off the rim. the knicks hold on to win it 106-104. after unveiling their championship banner, the mavericks look nothing like champs. the rematch of last season's finals turned out to be a mismatch. miami lead by 35. now it is lebron james to dwyane wade for two of his 26. a nice play there. james had six assists and 10 rebounds and 37 points. 105-94 was the final. the score does not indicate
11:56 pm
how lopsided this game was. dwight howard and the magic were in oklahoma city. howard got off to a good start. he throw itself down. but howard was held to just 11 points. the former cal star got the start for the magic and played well. he lead the team with 25. this game belonged to durant. he scored a game high 30 as the thunder rolled 97-89. the packers have earned the top seed in the nfc and home field advantage throughout the playoffs by beating the will bears. aaron rodgers had no trouble finding the end zone. he has all kinds of time before putting this pass on the money to nelson. the packers lead it 21-10. rogers threw for five scores, two going to james jones. rogers set a record for most passing yards in a season as green bay wins it 35-21. the 9er can get the number two seed tomorrow night. and that is your toyota sports
11:57 pm
report. >> it has been fun working with us guys. thanks for coming in on the holiday. >> we will do it again sometime. >> it has been fun. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. you can also connect 2 2004/7 at -- 24-7. for everyone here, thanks for joining us. have a great night. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney...
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